Quote1.png Those Golden Age comics of yours are safe and sound -- and buried at the end of a rainbow! Quote2.png
Shaggy the Leprechaun src

Shaggy the Leprechaun, was an imp from the Fifth Dimension who had ties to Wonder Woman.


When Bat-Mite altered reality so that the Super Friends were members of the Batman Family, Shaggy teamed-up with Mopee, Quisp, and a Guardian of the Universe to reset reality. Learning a lesson about teams, Bat-Mite gathered the other imps in the Fifth Dimension and planned a partnership.[1]

Con Games

That later came in the form of them crashing Super-Con, a comic book convention. Hearing the Super Friends were hosting a panel, he took Mister Mxyzptlk to watch them. Mister Mxyzptlk manipulated him into stealing comic books after misinforming him about the meaning of the Golden Age. After Mxyzptlk tricked the other imps into causing mayhem, the Super Friends realized what the imps were doing and scolded them.[2]




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