Quote1 The invasion left my people wanting. Ignored, even as the world rebuilt itself. Their streams unusable, their land infertile. They are starving. In exchange for you, my village will get food. I will do everything in my power to make certain they eat. Quote2
Shaka Okoro src

Shaka Okoro was a big game hunter who was injured in an accident in the years before Brother Eye's invasion. At one point, he faced Batman as a foe, intending to hunt him to test his skills, even learning his true identity as Terry McGinnis. However, after being defeated by Terry, Shaka agreed to keep his identity a secret and return home. Years later however, Brother Eye's invasion devastated Shaka's village and left his people starving and without water. Desperate to help them, he accepted an offer for two months worth of food from a mysterious benefactor to attack Batman in order to weaken him and assess whether or not his skills had improved. When Shaka took things too far and tried to kill Terry, he was betrayed by his master, who cut off his legs using a plasma whip and beat him unconscious.[1]



  • Staff: a staff that can fire bursts of electricity
  • Shaka Okoro has heterochromia iridium: his left eye is blue and his right is brown.



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