The Shan Triad was a Chinese triad that was a rival of King Snake.


General Tsu eliminated his rival clan chiefs within the 50 year old Shan Triad near the end of the 20th century. He then consolidated the Golden Triangle heroin trade. With the backing of the centuries old Taiwanese Triad, General Tsu's representatives informed King Snake that the Shan Triad would now be setting prices and shipping dates for heroin shipments, and requested that he provide guarantees. King Snake refused and killed the representatives, so General Tsu hired the Silver Monkey to kill King Snake.[1]

Realizing that the King Snake's actions would lead to war with both the Shan Triad and the Taiwanese Triad, Lynx executed a coup against the King Snake within the Ghost Dragons with the support of the whole gang.[2] The Shan Triad's assassin Silver Monkey found his target the King Snake and ended up in a three way battle with him and Robin which ended with the capture of King Snake by the police and Lynx in control of Chinatown.[3]


Transportation: army trucks
Weapons: military-grade small arms

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