Shane Thompson was possessed by the entity called Proselyte, a being which inhabited the emotion of compassion. A medic in California, he was nearly killed in a car accident while he was trying to fight for another man's life.

Indigo Tribe

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The day after the Blackest Night, Shane and his partner were dispatched to a locale in Hollywood for an emergency. They received two gunshot victims into their ambulance and rushed to the hospital. Shane's patient began to slip away while the other injured man was stabilized. Shane begged his coworker to assist him but was refused when his colleague remarked that he had no insurance and would die anyway. Nevertheless, Shane continued to mend his patient when their ambulance was impacted by another vehicle.

Lying on the floor badly wounded, Shane called out with his dying breath for the others to be saved. He was met with a bright indigo light and a voice saying "nok". Indigo-1 and the Indigo Tribe had answered his call and commanded Black Hand (William Hand) to induct Shane into the tribe.


Suddenly, Shane became possessed by the being called Proselyte. His body became the visage for a compassionate being that housed incredible powers. Immediately upon becoming one with the entity, Shane was whisked away to Michigan where he and Indigo-1 defended the other Emotional Entities alongside Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Flash (Barry Allen).

When Flash and Green Lantern argued over the presence of William Hand, Proselyte spoke on his behalf stating that he and his tribe helped those incapable of helping themselves. Even if the user refused, the emotions that dictated their refusal could be altered. Upon hearing this, Hal spoke out against their 'brainwashing' to which the Blue Lantern Corps attempted to amend by channeling hope. Despite their energies indicating that Proselyte and the Indigo Tribe harbored no ill-feelings Saint Walker shared Hal's suspicion and was attacked by Proselyte. Proselyte stated that he and his tribe would not be judged and began a skirmish with the other corps until Parallax arrived and took possession of the Flash.

The being who pulled Parallax's reins revealed itself to be Krona, the renegade Guardian. As the defenders ended their feud and attacked Krona, Krona forcefully extracted the entities from their hosts. Without Proselyte, Shane fell unconscious and Indigo-1 took him to safety.

Shane's fate after the battle is unknown.





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