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The Shaolin Robot was an ancient Chinese robot made with Durlan tech. He was a member of the Great Ten, China's super-functionary team.

When the First Emperor of China commissioned the construction of his tomb, a brilliant engineer by the name of Lao Yuqi built a hundred clockwork automatons to serve as tomb guards. The vain and jealous emperor ordered that Lao be entombed with him upon his death so that his genius would never serve another patron. Before dying of thirst, Lao reprogrammed one of the automatons with his own insights, values and priorities and gave it a semblance of free will. Thousands of years later, when the tomb was uncovered by archaeologists, the automatons went on a rampage in an attempt to topple the Communist government and restore imperial rule. These automatons were defeated by the Super Functionaries. Only Lao's reprogrammed automaton remained inactive back at the tomb. The Chinese government reactivated it and upgraded it with Durlan technology.


  • According to interviews, Shaolin Robot has been programmed with an operating system based on the I-Ching. Therefore, although he appears limited, he is quite versatile.
  • While Shaolin Robot's real name is never revealed he is often called A. H.