Quote1.png In a movie, this is the part where the stranged daughter thinks about the happy memories she has of her mother. But my mom was a heartless bitch. Quote2.png
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Sharon Quinzel is Harleen Quinzel's abusive mother.

Back when Harleen was a teenager, her mother warned her to not use red lipstick. However, curiosity got the best of her and she decided to try it out before leaving the house. Her mother caught her on act. She screamed obscenities at Harleen while dragging her to bathroom and forcefully scrubbing the lipstick of her face.[1] Later the same week, Sharon cooked steak for her kids while Nick was gone. Harleen refused to eat it. Sharon forced her to remain seated until she finished the plate. Hours passed, and Harleen still didn't touch the steak. Slowly, Sharon's patience was wearing out, and by the time a whole day had passed, she shoved Harleen's face against the plate, yelling her to eat the steak. A few more hours passed, Sharon completely lost it and pushed her to the ground. Realising that Harleen made her break her own order to remain seated, she gave up and told Harleen to clean herself.[2]

In the present day, Sharon was suffering from a terminal disease and had only a couple weeks to live. Her son Barry tried to tell Harleen the news, but she refused to speak to her mother ever again.[1] Barry gave Harleen a call once Sharon died, to tell her when the funeral would be held. Harleen watched the event from a distance and waited for the people to clear out. As they left, Harleen approached the coffin, just to throw a lit cigarette at it.[3]




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