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Quote1.png We all make mistakes, Honey, but when ya love someone, you can forgive 'em. No one's perfect, isn't that right, sweatheart? Quote2.png
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Harley Quinn's mother Sharon Quinzel had been estranged from her outlaw daughter, but reconnected in her final year to help rebuild Harley's life.

Sharon had been a promising medical researcher, until she fell in with Nick Quinzel and bared the child they named Harleen. They had a stormy life which later settled, though not before Harley had seen a poor enough example of a relationship that she later fell for "Mistah J"[1]

Sharon Quinzel had her hands full, with three troublesome boys born after her notorious daughter Harley Quinn, while Nick was incarcerated at Rikers Island prison.[2]

Reunion in Crisis

Their mother-daughter reunion was a little awkward at first, but Harley and her mom bonded through the crisis that followed, when their reunion dinner was interrupted by petty costumed crooks. Sharon's advice was to keep down, but Harley still lept into the fray.[3]

Despite Harley ignoring her, Sharon followed to support her daughter's choices and demonstrated her own abilities by throwing two mercenaries over the side of the cruise ship. And where Harley would have let them drown, Sharon encouraged Harley's newfound (and somewhat lackadaisical) turn towards heroism by instructing her to save them.

Afterward, Sharon moved back to Florida, though she continued to be Harley's conscience and encouraged her better nature.

Harley Quinn Destroys DC Continuity

The next crisis for Sharon was during Harley's fourth-wall breaking rip through DC Comics continuity. Visiting Coney Island, Sharon and her daughter walked arm-in-arm on their pier talking about life, and Harley proudly showed her the comic book that Meredith Clatterbuck made about her - uncoincidentally entitled Harley Quinn number 50.

When they came to the page where 'real' Harley and Sharon and comic book Harley and Sharon synced, an endless recursion of that moment broke DC Continuity, at the cost of Sharon's existence. She transformed into rose petals and drifted away[4] and in that moment Harley realized just how much her mother meant to her. She and the Continuity Cop Jonni DC tracked down the author, Meredith Clatterbuck, and went as far as to engage the Anti-Monitor to erase and literally rewrite continuity to include Sharon Quinzel.

Sharon's Final Christmas

Nick and Sharon returned to Coney Island, and this time brought Harley's three brothers. They had a strained relationship, but Sharon was insistent that they spend the holiday together despite the fact that the family men just about destroyed the party. In the midst of the destruction, Sharon's youngest son Ezzie blurted out the reason behind the reunion — Sharon had cancer — lung cancer — and her chances weren't looking good.

When the family returned to Florida after Christmas, Sharon stayed with Harley to spend her final days on Coney Island, and very quickly ended up in the hospital. Harley would tend to her needs and read to her out of the comic books that Clatterbuck continued to produce, and battle the hospital admin where necessary.

Despite Harley's attempts to steal a miraculous cure from S.T.A.R. Labs[5] and a comic book offer to cure Sharon — from Lex Luthor [6]Death came for Sharon Quinzel while she was surrounded by her family and friends.[7].


Harley continued to see her mother Sharon in her head, or in Meredith Clatterbuck's Harley Quinn comics, and she remained an important part of Harley's life. Sharon was ultimately very forgiving, with a big heart, and did her best to make up for Harley's poor childhood before she died.



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