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Sharon Vance was infused with the essence of the cosmic being Kismet and became the Strange Visitor, an ally of Superman.

Sharon Vance grew up from Smallville where she befriended Clark Kent after he saved her from a fall that would have killed her. Unknown to Sharon, this moment was when the essence of Kismet was secreted inside her. By the time Sharon reached adulthood, she yearned for something more in her life. Her life turned to tragedy when her parents were killed in a terrible accident, causing her to realize how short life was and how much more she wanted to do. She then made the painful decision to leave her home and fiance Billy Wilson behind, and seek a new life in Metropolis.[1]

However, the airplane she flew on was struck by lightning and goes down outside of the city. Miraculously, the essence of Kismet within Sharon channeled the energies of the raging storm to save her and her fellow passengers. This event transformed Sharon and Kismet into one entity composed of pure electromagnetic energy.[2] After saving the plane's passengers, Sharon was left amnesiac and drawn to the laboratories of Professor Emil Hamilton, who discovered that her energy field was dissolving. Hamilton gives her a modified version of Superman's old containment suit to control her powers and help her maintain a solid form.[3] Sharon then decided to use her powers to help the people and stopping crimes, in which her actions dubbed her the "Strange Visitor" by the media.

As Strange Visitor continue in her heroics (teaming with Superman to fight gang leader War), her powers began to be affected by her emotional state; in which when she became angry or upset, her power levels surged to the point where her containment suit was almost unable to handle all of the energy. If the suit were to fail, she would lose her physical form.[4] With the help of Superman, Professor Hamilton, and Kitty Faulkner, Sharon eventually gains more control and, during a battle with the Parasite, regained her lost memories.[1]

Strange Visitor would ultimately sacrifice her life in the Imperiex War when she gave all of her powers to Superman. He defeated Imperiex Prime by cracking his armor and draining his energy, an act which resulted in Strange Visitor's death, but opened the way for Superman to vanquish Imperiex and saving the universe.[5]


  • Her superhero identity's name is based on the Adventures of Superman TV series' intro sequence where the announcer describes Superman as a "strange visitor from another planet".



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