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Quote1 Where am I? This place is-- But I died, I remember I... I was happy... someone-- It hurts! I shouldn't be-- did she pull me back? Quote2
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Sharon Vance is a metahuman in custody of the D.E.O.

Doctor Veritas was looking for ways to help her out when Director Bones took over and using a device called Psycho-Redactor, sent Sharon after Supergirl.

Sharon turned up in National City, feeling dizzy and disoriented, remembering she had died but someone pulled her back and wondering what Supergirl had done to her. Supergirl subdued her, but as Sharon began to remember her memories, the D.E.O. arrived and imprisoned Sharon, forcing Supergirl to escape.

She was ultimately freed by Cameron Chase, ending Director Bones' mad scheme to take down metahumans.

She was later seen as a member of the Justice Foundation.




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