Quote1 Blue, green, red, Ferdie's dead. White, pink, brown, he's rotting in the ground. Quote2
-- Shauna Belzer src

Her father a concert pianist, her mother a ballerina, and her twin brother Ferdie a child star, Shauna Belzer always seemed plain. Her brother was so different than her. While he was popular and a successful actor at his young age, she was tormented by her classmates. Jealous of Ferdie, Shauna rigged the swings that her brother was on one day. When the swing broke, Ferdie fell onto the pavement and snapped his neck, killing him. Shauna's twin brother was only the first of many of victims.

Shauna's next kill would be a clown at a classmate's birthday party named Rainbow Rodney, who she killed by poisoning the punch bowl. Taking Rodney's ventriloquist dummy, she renamed it "Ferdie" after her brother, her first kill. Shauna now had "her partner in crime" for when she would eventually become the serial killer the Ventriloquist.

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  • Telekinesis: Shauna is a powerful telekinetic, and can use her powers to make corpses appear alive.
  • Voice Manipulation: Capable of manipulating her voice to sound like others, as well as to throw her voice in accordance with her ventriloquism.



  • Obsession: Shauna has a psychological obsession with murder.


  • Ferdie Puppet: Shauna's sentient doll, with drills in his hands.
  • Sometimes her name is misspelled as Shawna. [1]



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