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The Defacer (real name Shawn Tsang) is a short-tempered reforming graffiti artist. She is an occasional ally and enemy of Nightwing, an asset of Amanda Waller as part of the Suicide Squad, and a close friend of King Shark.


Defacer and her mentor Pigeon were known as art terrorists due to their attempts to steal and vandalize public statues and icons as a form of protest. The two were captured by the Dynamic Duo and arrested.[1]


After serving her sentence, Shawn Tsang relocated to Bludhaven and joined the former-villain support group known as the Run-Offs. No longer "the Defacer", Tsang lived a happy life in recovery, despite having a distrust of all superheroes after her arrest. When the vigilante Nightwing came to town, Tsang was arrested on a suspected murder charge and begrudgingly asked Nightwing to clear her name.[1] After clearing the names of Tsang and the Run-Offs, Grayson took over Tsang's position at the Haven Community after she was dismissed because being suspected of murder does not go well in the public service. The two also started dating. However, she was kidnapped by Deathwing and was briefly held under Professor Pyg which were all done according to the orders given by Doctor Hurt. Nightwing and Robin arrived on time to free Tsang from Pyg's captivity who was about to turn her into one of his Dollotrons. Additionally, Tsang contributed in the fight against Pyg and also tagged along with Nightwing to rescue Robin after he was kidnapped by Hurt. This led to Tsang becoming estranged with Nightwing, ending with their breakup.[2]

Suicide Squad

After Nightwing lost his memory, he cut off all contact with Tsang. Believing he had ghosted her, she vandalized a statue of him and was subsequently sent to Belle Reve. There, Amanda Waller forced Tsang to join Task Force X to monitor King Shark.[3]

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  • Shawn was dating Nightwing, but broke up with him due to differences that came up about her criminal past and his current vigilante lifestyle.[5]
    • Later, both Defacer and Nightwing admitted they still loved each other, but Shawn said she still couldn't be with him because he brought out both the best and the worst in her.[citation needed]



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