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King Shark was an enemy of the Flash.

Shay Lamden was a test subject in an experiment to mix his DNA with that of a shark to improve tissue regeneration. However, on the night of the test, the particle accelerator exploded, making the experiment go awry and turn him into a complete human/shark hybrid. With a new desire for flesh, Lamden hunted for food, eating one of the scientists. He retained some of his memories, such as the existence of his wife, but his transformation into a shark made him more of a beast than man.

"King Shark" as he was called was chased by the Flash after a string of murders. Not only did Shark get the hero's attention, but that of the Suicide Squad, who were sent to capture him too. When the Suicide Squad succeeded in taking Shark, he was brought back to A.R.G.U.S. and forced to join the Squad.





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