Grace Choi, born Shay Li Wylde, is the wife of Anissa Pierce.

Early Life

Living from foster home to foster home, Shay Li Wylde lived as an orphan towards the age of sixteen, in which both her adoptive parents died and Shay trafficked into child prostitution.[4]

New Life

Resurfacing in Freeland under a new identity, Grace Choi sought employment at the Red Lipstick Bar as a bartender.[4] Spending free time at the library, she met Anissa Pierce, the two befriending one another through a shared interest in comics; Grace offers Anissa to join her in a cosplay party the following night.[5]

The two women continued to bond but suffered to stay in contact. During her bartending, Grace witnessed Anissa becoming romantically involved with Zoe B. Becoming distant, she initially pushed Anissa away.[6]



  • Medication: Grace takes pills that suppress her metahuman manifestations.



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