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Quote1 Being with Cameron, being back in the outside world... It's overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like the work is all I have. I need to succeed. It's the only thing I can control. Quote2
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Dr. Shay Veritas is a scientist who has helped Superman and Supergirl in scientific matters.

She was a student in Crucible Academy, an interplanetary super-hero academy.[1]

Shay created her own research facility known as the Block, located near the center of the Earth. Unfortunately, the entire facility was sucked in a maelstrom due to a dimensional portal experiment. Superman saved them, but the price was high: the whole staffs ended up with Veritas' genetic code, and The Block got permanently stuck near Earth's core. They couldn't vacate the premises owing to a time-space anomaly.[2]

Superman took Supergirl to The Block when she got sick from Kryptonite poisoning after taking H'el down.[3] Shay pitied and tried to help the troubled, lonely teenager, but she also considered her a "ticking time bomb".[4] When Supergirl found out about it, she felt betrayed once again by another person pretending to be friendly, and those feelings of betrayal and anger contributed to the meltdown that turned Supergirl into a Red Lantern temporarily.

A short while later, the Phantom Zone Projector imploded during a battle between the Earth's heroes and Brainiac. Shay Veritas, among other people, was sent to the Phantom Zone. Supergirl tried to go after Shay, but with the Projector broken, Superman and Kara had to find another way to access the Zone.[5]

Several months later, Director Cameron Chase managed to rescue her,[6] and Shay started working for the Department of Extranormal Operations, managing the underground lab of the D.E.O. Ghost Site #252 "The Scabbard"[7] and trying to rehabilitate some of the dangerous aliens captured by the D.E.O.

At some point Shay started dating Cameron.[8]




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