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Shayera Hol, also known as the superhero Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman, is a Thanagarian reincarnation of Shiera Hall, the Empress of her people, and the wife of Katar Hol/Carter Hall. As Hall, she was a member of the original Justice Society of America.

Lives before Shayera

Shayera is the reincarnation of Shrra, an angelic herald cursed by God to reincarnate across space and time alongside Ktar Deathbringer, as she decided to save him by reaching out and making herself visible to him despite the great slaughter he committed.[1]

Carter and Shiera Hall Prime Earth 0001

Shiera and Carter Hall

On the planet Earth, she was incarnate as Shiera Hall, with Ktar as her husband Carter Hall,[2] in the early 20th Century. Together, they worked both as archaeologists in the city of St. Roch and as the superheroes Hawkman and Hawkgirl,[3] members of the Justice Society of America who fought on behalf of the United States of America in World War II,[4] and faced the undead villain Gentleman Ghost.[5] Through the decades, they formed a number of organizations—the Council of Immortals, Blackhawks, and Challengers of the Unknown—to investigate their own origins.[3]

Eventually, she was reincarnated once more, but was split between two lives: the human Kendra Saunders and Shayera Thal of the planet Thanagar.[6]


New 52 Origin

When her father (the emperor of Thanagar) died, her brother Corsar took over and began mining for Nth Metal so his people could use the material to fly again. However he became drunk with power and attacked Katar for opposing him, this led to Corsar accidentally shocking himself to death. Shayera entered the room and ordered her men to arrest Katar for killing her brother, however, Katar managed to escape using a stolen shuttle.

Shayera put a bounty on Katar Hol's head and he was soon tracked to Earth. Shayera was able to capture Katar and his human friend Emma and was preparing to take them both off world, when Corsar revealed to her that he had survived his encounter with Katar.

A short time later Corsar's ship was orbiting a star, and the Emperor was beginning to extract the Nth Metal from Katar so it could be his own. However, Shayera freed Katar before the process could be completed and managed to get him and Emma to an escape pod. She gave Katar one last goodbye kiss before apologizing to him for accusing him of murdering her brother. She then decided to stay behind and fight Corsar as the ship exploded, seemingly killing both her and her brother.[7]

She survived, however, but was stranded on Earth and cut off from her people. In addition to the costumed identity of "Hawkgirl," she took the human name "Hall" and found work as a detective for the Chicago Police Department, keeping her true nature from her coworkers, including her partner Will Cariad. As a member of her department's "Weird Weapons Squad," Hall collected a number of Thanagarian weapons found at Chicago crime scenes and attempted to trace them to their source, a Great Old One of Thanagar. With the Nth metal weapons distributed among the people driving them into a violent frenzy, the Old One revealed their machinations against Earth and attacked Thal as Hawkgirl.[8]

Following the cosmic upheavals of the Rebirth period, this character's history was revised. While some of these events may have occurred in current continuity, there are a number of contradictions.

Current Origin

Shayera Thal became a law enforcement officer on Thanagar, with Carter Hall's reincarnation Katar Hol as her partner,[9] and later, husband.[10] Eventually, they came into contact with the superheroes of Earth; Thal served as a teammate to Batman,[11] and fought with the Justice League International on the front lines of the Earth's defense against the invading Alien Alliance.[12]

DC Rebirth


Justice League Vol 4 15 Textless

Hawkwoman vs Hawkgirl.

Following the havoc wrought on Thanagar by Despero, Shayera became the Empress of Thanagar Prime, the redoubt-world used as a last refuge by the people of Thanagar, and was very protective of the planet's secrets. She was using the Absorbascon's power fueled by the Martian Keep's mind to hide Thanagar's weakness and desolation after her battle with Onimar Synn. After Martian Manhunter discovered this, he and Kendra Saunders stopped her, giving her a second chance to rebuild her planet without the mischievous weapon.[10][13][6]

She later helped the Justice League prepare for the menace of Perpetua,[14] and led the Thanagarian fleet in an assault on her ship the Godhead. Unable to breach its defenses, they were forced to cut their losses and withdraw, broadcasting a warning to the Justice League.[15] When the balance of the universe tipped in Perpetua's favor, Thal watched her Sigil of Doom appear in the skies over her world.[16]

New lives

Hawkman Vol 5 29 Textless

Shayera and Carter.

After Shayera and Carter released the power of their thousands of lives, they overloaded and destroyed the Lord Beyond the Void, while also killing themselves. They awake in the Sphere of the Gods, reverted to Ktar and Shrra. The Presence explains that Ktar's debt is repaid and offers to allow him to pass on and to restore Shrra, however, they do not wish to be parted. So the Presence offers them another reward, to be reincarnated a final time in their favourite lives. They agree and are restored to life in the 1940s as the Golden Age mortals Hawkman and Hawkgirl, reuniting with the Justice Society of America. There, they faced the Injustice Society and Anton Hastor (an reincaranation of Hath-Set. Shayera survived the following centuries alongside Carter, into the 40th Century.[17][2][18][19]

Roy Harper Cry for Justice
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She and Hall served with the Justice Society during the Dark Crisis, protecting civilians[20] and fighting Deathstroke's Dark Army in Europe[21] and at the Hall of Justice.[22] She was forcibly transported to an alternate Earth created by Pariah during the crisis, and was returned to her own world at its conclusion.[23]


  • Decelerated Aging: As Shayera Thal, Hawkwoman's lifespan, along with Hawkman's, has been greatly extended. It is shown in a possible future that both Hawks' lives might extend into the 40th century.[19]
  • Thanagarian Physiology: Thanagarians possess several gifts that are common to members of their race, but sets them apart from normal humans.
    • Enhanced Senses: Thanagarians also possess enhanced senses.
      • Enhanced Hearing: A Thanagarian's auditory senses are also particularly acute and they can perceive sounds with greater clarity than the average human.
      • Enhanced Vision: A Thanagarians's eyesight is more acute than a normal human and their range of vision is similar to that of a bird.
    • Enhanced Durability: A Thanagarian is also physically more endurable than the average Earth human.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Thanagarians have greater stamina and a greater resistance to pain.
    • Enhanced Strength: Thanagarian strength is far beyond the range of a normal human.
    • Longevity: A Thanagarian's life span is significantly greater than that of a normal human being. At one-hundred years of age, a Thanagarian physically resembles a thirty-year-old Earth human.





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