Shayera Thal was a Thanagarian princess and the fiancée of Katar Hol.


When her father (the emperor of Thanagar) died her brother Corsar took over and began mining for Nth Metal so his people could use the material to fly again. However he became drunk with power and attacked Katar for opposing him, this led to Corsar accidently shocking himself to death. Shayera entered the room and ordered her men to arrest Katar for killing her brother, however, Katar managed to escape using a stolen shuttle.

Shayera put a bounty on Katar Hol's head and he was soon tracked to a planet named Earth. Shayera was able to capture Katar and his human friend Emma and was preparing to take them both off world, when Corsar revealed to her that he had survived his encounter with Katar.

A short time later Corsar's ship was orbiting a star, and the Emperor was beginning to extract the Nth Metal from Katar so it could be his own. However, Shayera freed Katar before the process could be completed and managed to get him and Emma to an escape pod. She gave Katar one last goodbye kiss before apologizing to him for accusing him of murdering her brother. She then decided to stay behind and fight Corsar as the ship exploded, presumably killing both her and her brother.[1]


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