Shayne J'onzz is the son of the Sixth Dimension versions of J'onn J'onzz and Kendra Saunders.

Sixth Dimension

When the Justice League first come to the Sixth Dimension, they are greeted by the believed future Justice League along with Shayne.[1] While watching the deception of the World Forger, Shayne is reminded of the many different versions of the Justice League that have all gone through the same lies.[2]

He then decides to confront to the Prime Earth versions of his parents and shows them the truth about everything.[2] After the arrival and reveal of the World Forger, he is sent to future Apokolips to be jailed with the Justice League.[3] After helping them escape, he fights alongside the Justice League to defeat Alpheus and put an end to it all.[4]


  • Psychic Blast: Shayne was once angered by what the World Forger and the Justice League following him were doing to other multiverses that he created an energy blast that took out the Apokolips prison system.[5]
  • Telepathy: Shayne, being half Martian, has the base telepathic abilities similar to his father and other Martians.
  • Illusion Casting: Shayne was able to block the future Apokolips guard's minds from seeing him.[5]
  • Wings: Shayne has visible wings similar to his mothers.
    • Flight: Shayne has also been seen flying alongside his parents.[1]



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