"Mary Takes the Cake": Billy Batson wakes up back in the derelict building after dreaming about her unknown sister, who was revealed to him by The Wizard. Billy turns on his TV and learns about the crop circles shaped as footprints

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Mary Marvel

Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil #2 is an issue of the series Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2007. It was published on March 7, 2007.

Synopsis for "Mary Takes the Cake"

Billy Batson wakes up back in the derelict building after dreaming about her unknown sister, who was revealed to him by The Wizard. Billy turns on his TV and learns about the crop circles shaped as footprints at the park and he realizes that he is responsible for those marks after he walked to the top of the Rock of Eternity. After the news ends, there is an advertisement about a circus and Billy thinks that he could enter that business using his new powers.

Billy decides to go to the circus, but on his way there he witnesses a speech by attorney general Dr. Sivana, in which he tells the people his determination to find the responsible behind the crop circles at the park. Billy then gets distracted by a large row of ants walking towards the same direction when he is taken by surprise by Lagreen and another bully. They want to steal Billy's money and the kid runs towards the circus' tent, where he manages to get inside. Billy sneaks below the seats at the circus and he witnesses a beast tamer being torn apart by reptile-men and how the monsters threatened the audience and snatched the children away from the crowd. Billy notices that one of the kids that is captured is his own sister and he speaks the magic word "SHAZAM!", transforming once again into Captain Marvel. The monsters try to eat the children, but Captain Marvel stops them and saves the kids including his sister. Soon, a tiger joins the fight and helps Captain Marvel against the monsters, but when the monsters retreat, the tiger and Billy's sister also disappear.

Captain Marvel goes outside the circus to warn a police officer about the missing girl, but everybody in the city is in shock after a gigantic monstruosity has appeared in the park at the same spot as the crop marks. The monster speaks and talks directly to Captain Marvel, who decides to approach the thing, who reveals himself as Mister Mind and his ultimate intentions of eliminating mankind and turn them into monsters. Captain Marvel tries to fight Mr. Mind, but it is much too strong and Marvel's attacks have no effect. Before leaving, Mind tells Captain Marvel that he would return with a companion and as Marvel leaves the scene, he is watched closely by Dr. Sivana.

When Mr. Mind leaves, Captain Marvel resumes his search for Billy's sister and when he finds her, he realizes that she has been with the tiger all along. The tiger reveals his identity as Talky Tawny, the homeless man who used to spend time with Billy. Captain Marvel says the magic word and Billy returns and reveals the truth to his sister. Mary in turn tells Billy that she ran away from her foster home to join the circus and she is ashamed to admit it. Billy and Mary soon make a connection and she asks her brother to let her stay with him. The moment Billy agrees to take Mary to his building, Mr. Mind returns with a twin creature and Billy has to change back into Captain Marvel. During his transformation, lightning strikes Mary and pushes her into a vehicle. When Captain Marvel and Talky go to see if Mary is fine, she comes ouf of the wreckage of a vehicle unscathed and transformed into a small version of Captain Marvel. Mary Marvel starts flying around and demonstrating how faster than Captain Marvel she is, despite the fact that she is not as strong as him.

Moments later, Mary Marvel flies away on her own while Captain Marvel goes alone to face Mr. Mind and his clone.

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  • In this version of Captain Marvel's origin Doctor Sivana is the United States Attorney General and he heads the Department of Technology and Heartland Security.
  • In this version of Captain Marvel's origin Mary Marvel is much faster than Captain Marvel both on the ground and in the sky, however she is not as strong.

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