""Mr. Mind Makes His Move"": Captain Marvel flies off to rescue Mary. Talky Tawny trails behind him until they come to one of Mister Mind's twin robots. Captain M

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Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil #4 is an issue of the series Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2007. It was published on July 18, 2007.

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Synopsis for "Mr. Mind Makes His Move"

Captain Marvel flies off to rescue Mary. Talky Tawny trails behind him until they come to one of Mister Mind's twin robots. Captain Marvel is too large to enter the structure, and can only gain egress as Billy Batson. Tawny warns him that the rules that prevent him from transforming back and forth at the Rock of Eternity also applies to the giant robots. If Marvel changes into Billy, he won't be able to change back if he gets into trouble. Marvel changes into Billy and begins scouring the dark interior of the robot.

Captain Marvel defeats Mister Mind

Captain Marvel defeats Mister Mind

Outside, Sterling Morris and Helen Fidelity maintain radio contact with Billy. Billy tells them that the robots are filled with cockroaches, but he has yet to find Mary. Sterling and Helen can see Doctor Sivana with Mary on the outside of one of the robots. At the top of the robot is a cockpit. Mister Mind communicates with Sivana and tells him to strap Mary into the cockpit. Billy gets to the top of his robot, and discovers that he is inside the wrong one. Desperate to save Mary, Billy ignores Tawky Tawny's warning and speaks the name "Shazam". The mystic lightning interacts with the mystical properties of Mister Mind's robots, transforming Billy into a giant-sized Captain Marvel. The resulting backlash of power creates a quantum singularity in the sky above them. Captain Marvel batters the robots and they are drawn inside the rift. The singularity also siphons away Captain Marvel's power, transforming him back into Billy Batson before closing.

With Mister Mind and the threat of his Monster Society abated, Billy reunites with Tawky Tawny. He jumps on Doctor Sivana and begins beating him up. Mary arrives, revealing that she still maintains the power of Shazam. She was a safe distance from the singularity and didn't lose her powers. She speaks the magic word and bequeathes a portion of her power to Billy. Sterling Morris is so impressed with Billy Batson's heroism that he invites him to become a member of the Morris Company family as an employee of WHIZ Radio.


  • This series takes place outside mainstream DCU continuity.
  • The title for this issue is actually, "Ni Nrmw Nzpvh Sah Nlev". The secret code for deciphering the title is provided on the inside back cover. The code could also be found on the DC Comics web site, but it is not available anymore.


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