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Quote1.png Maybe you remember me from before. Maybe not, but don't worry, we'll get there in the end. I am the guardian of time's starry overlook. Known to all as the wizard Shazam. Quote2.png
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The wizard Shazam is the magical guardian of the Rock of Eternity and sits as one of the most powerful beings in the universe. From his perch, he can watch over the whole universe and when he senses evil he sends his champion Captain Marvel to right those wrongs. As a mystical wizard, he's also empowered his champion's extended family.

One day, Doctor Sivana created a technological version of the Rock of Eternity in order to attack and harvest the mystical keep. Shazam summoned his champion but not before his staff was stolen and his home pilfered. While Sivana's robots mined the rock, Shazam grew weaker while Sivana's strength grew. However, Captain Marvel finally made it to the center of the ship and fought Dr. Sivana who had transformed into Black Sivana to a standstill until the day was over. The following day signified the end of Sivana's victory and both Captain Marvel and Shazam were returned to their full strength and stature. Shazam retook his seat on the throne and Captain Marvel returned to Fawcett City.


  • Divine Empowerment: Shazam empowers his champions with magical lighting. When summoned, Shazam hurls the lighting down to his family and grants them a transformation into their most impressive selves. They are strong, fast, intelligent and powerful forces for good.


  • Lightning Staff: Shazam's power to call and utilize his magical strength comes from the staff that he holds. Without it he can become encumbered and weakened.



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