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Billy and Mentor are traveling along in the RV, with Mentor enjoying some classical music on the radio. Young Billy, growing tired of it, puts a rock-and-roll tape in. Mentor is annoyed, until the Elders call.The Lure of the Lost is an episode of season 1 of Shazam. It premiered on September 28, 1974.

Synopsis for "The Lure of the Lost"

Billy and Mentor are traveling along in the RV, with Mentor enjoying some classical music on the radio. Young Billy, growing tired of it, puts a rock-and-roll tape in. Mentor is annoyed, until the Elders call.

The Elders tell Billy that he will meet a young lady that he will have to teach about running away from responsibility. With that, sure enough, a young girl named Holly flags the RV down for help; her car is stuck in a ditch. Billy and Mentor can't help but notice that Holly is troubled about more than her car.

As the two struggle to free the car, Billy is frustrated that he can't just become Captain Marvel and get the car out easily. Mentor reminds him that he should never use his powers just for the sake of convenience.

After awhile, Billy asks Holly to come and try to drive the car. She drives away without even a " thank you ", much to Billy and Mentor's bewilderment. Billy notices that she forgot her handbag, picks it up, and a plastic bag of dope falls out. Billy gets on his motorcycle to follow Holly, return the handbag, and to find out what's going on.

Meanwhile, Holly's brother, Gary, and his friend, Mark, are waiting for Holly to deliver them the dope so that they can make a delivery for a dealer named Brok. The boys are upset because Holly is taking a long time and Brock is getting impatient.

Billy catches up to Holly at her home and asks about the drugs. She says that Gary and Mark are the main ones involved, but she wants Gary out of it. Billy tells her she should go to the police and turn in the drugs. Holly agrees, but fears she and Gary are in too deep. Mentor shows up and convinces Holly that she and her brother and Mark, along with Billy, need to have a meeting of the minds.

Billy and Holly go to Gary's place. Mark accuses Billy of being a rival drug pusher who just wants a piece of the action (even going so far as falsely recognizing Billy from a past time he served at a prison camp). Holly, confused, tries to get Gary to bow out of the deal while he still can. Brok calls on the phone, demanding the delivery. Mark pressures Billy to hand over the stuff, which he does, but it's only a fake bag of white powder. The two boys leave, and Billy gives Holly the real stuff and tells her to go to the police. Billy then leaves Holly to pursue Gary and Mark to find out who Brok is. Holly, however, empties the drugs into a sink instead of going to the police like Billy said.

Billy chases Gary and Mark on the motorcycle, but a truck blocks his way. Sensing he will not be able to catch the two, he decides to become Captain Marvel and gives chase.

Marvel sees that the boys don't notice a stalled semi in the road. He lands and moves the truck out of the way as they speed by. Marvel then resumes his chase and Gary and Mark notice him. Marvel lands in front the car to block it, but Mark speeds off as soon as Marvel is out of his path. Gary desperately tries to get Mark to slow down, but Mark is having none of it. After a struggle, Mark careens out of control and swerves off the road and on the edge of a cliff.

Fortunately, Marvel arrives and pushes the boys to safety. At this point, the police arrive, along with Holly and Mentor. Mark apologizes to Marvel, saying he was scared. Gary agrees to go to the police, but Holly admits that she disposed of the drugs and, therefore, now there is no evidence of Brock's drug dealing.

Captain Marvel and Mentor agree that, while Gary is doing the right thing by confessing his involvement, there is no evidence against Brok, who may cause trouble soon. They are also not sure about Mark's trustwothiness. The episode ends.

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