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Quote1.png Family is the true power of Shazam... and its true weakness. Quote2.png
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The Shazam Family is a group of the mightiest mortals led by Shazam (Billy Batson). Its members, each receiving one aspect of Shazam's power, are his foster siblings.


When Black Adam holds Billy's foster siblings hostage, demanding he transfer his powers to him, Billy recalled what the Wizard told him about sharing his powers with his family and transformed them into Shazams like himself and they begin battling Black Adam and the Seven Deadly Sins. Unfortunately, Billy's siblings accidentally lose their powers due to his inexperience casting magic when he empowered a tiger. Ultimately, Billy is able to trick Black Adam into reverting to mortal form, causing him to age into dust.[2]

One year later, on the anniversary of Billy's adoption, C.C. Batson returned to his life,[1] looking to reunite the Batson family.[3] This creates a conflict in Billy's heart, which becomes apparent when he casts the Sharing Spell on his father to mint him as the seventh Champion of Magic.[4] Mary, Pedro, Darla, Freddy, and Eugene could not transform when C.C. is empowered, and vice versa. The Wizard explains to Billy that this was how the sharing spell had worked for thousands of years, and asks him to choose between his foster siblings and his true father to totally commit his heart towards. Billy then realizes that, as a Champion of Magic, he could rewrite the spell, and is able to empower all the champions at once, to the Wizard's astonishment.[5]


  • The Shazam Family is a cooperation of Shazam (Billy Batson) and his five foster siblings. If only one Shazam Family member who is transformed, they will have full power level; with two members transformed, the duo have each a half of the power level; with three transformed, the trio will have each only one third of the power level. If all six members transformed at once, each gets only a one sixth of the power level.[2] Recently, after Billy bestowed his father with the magic of Shazam, each of them will have one seventh of the full power level.[4]

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