Quote1 Don't let it throw you, boys! Haven't you ever seen a girl before? I'm Sheila Hawke! Just call me She Hawke! Get it? Quote2
Sheila Hawke src
Sheila Hawke was a wealthy woman who was inspired by the Blackhawks.

She donned a uniform similar to theirs, and stealthily added herself to their numbers during a critical mission in Europe. She proved to be a capable pilot, navigator, and hand-to-hand fighter, and personally brought down the would-be dictator Baron Vargo. At the end of their only adventure together, Blackhawk and the others nominated her as the official Blackhawk liaison in Monclova, a struggling European democracy.



  • Sheila Hawke knew the location of Blackhawk Island, in 1951. It's been relocated several times since then.



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