Quote1 Sorry about that, kid. Looks like you chose the wrong person to trust, this time. Quote2
Sheila Haywood src
Sheila Haywood was the estranged birth-mother of Robin, Jason Todd.

She was a doctor who met and fell in love with Willis Todd in Gotham City having his child, but was forced to leave the city after botching an illegal abortion that left a teenage girl dead. Her work took her to a refugee camp in Ethiopia where she worked with medical supplies, although she was embezzling from her organization. Joker blackmailed her into giving up several truckloads full of expensive supplies and replacing them with lethal laughing gas. Her son attempted to protect her, but she betrayed him to the Joker and he viciously beat Jason before leaving him and Sheila to die in a warehouse set to explode.[1] Even with everything she had done to him, Jason still attempted to shield her from the explosion. Ultimately both of them were killed. Her last words to Batman was that she regretted betraying her son and that he was a good son.[2]



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