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In a possible future, Sheila Romero was a pop star. As the new Catwoman, she tangled with a new Batman.

Sheila Romero was believed to have been the daughter of the mayor of Gotham City, Maria Romero. In reality, she was actually a clone of Maria, who wanted to transfer her brain into Sheila's body so that she could avoid dying. She became a superstar under the stagename "Gata".

Gata was jealous of the new Batman due to the media coverage of his activities, which was cutting down her airtime. She set out to learn much about the Batman and his foes, eventually becoming the new Catwoman. Although she originally became a villain for the new Batman, they eventually fell in love with each other.

Her mother told her about her origins, but that she could not bring herself to kill her because she loved her "daughter" too much. Maria then died in Sheila's arms.




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