Quote1 I am... a Judge. Who are you? Are you... are you righteous? We shall see. Quote2
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Sheko was a judge on Primeen, who held and embraced that role for decades. Unfortunately, years of service had shown her that her home planet's justice system had become a shadow of its former self, serving the corrupt and wealthy over the common person. When she found herself in a position of passing judgment on the prince of the royal family, guilty of numerous crimes, Sheko was shot by her own bailiff, who had been secretly bought off by the king. Nearing death, a Red Lantern Ring found Sheko and allowed her to become a Red Lantern. She then killed the prince, the bailiff, and the noble onlookers, before she proceeded to bring out her own brand of justice on her world.

Soon, Sheko was brought to the attention of a divided Red Lantern Corps. The leaders of both sides, Guy Gardner and Atrocitus, wanted to recruit her to their respective groups. Sheko refused to join either side, instead demanding to hear all sides of their stories before she made a determination.


  • Alien Physiology
    • Telepathy: The Judge could enter the mind of those she judges and determine if they are guilty of maliciousness or not. She murdered those she deems to be criminal.




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