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Originally named "Einstein", Shelby had been one of several dogs involved in animal experiments, run by LuthorCorp.

When the company was taken over by Lex Luthor, the experiments were shut down and all dogs were ordered to be destroyed.[1]

However, Einstein and another dog, Hercules, were rescued by the Greenfield brothers. The brothers continued the experiments, that had been conducted on the dogs (which involved a steroid, mixed with Kryptonite), giving them enhanced strength for a short period.[1]

The Greenfields used the dogs to commit crimes, but Einstein ran away and was run over by Lois Lane. After the Greenfields were arrested and the steriods wore off, Einstein was adopted by the Kent family and renamed "Shelby".[1]

After Clark Kent sold the Kent Farm and moved to Metropolis, Shelby moved to Martha Kent in Washington, D.C..[2]


  • Shelby was played by a dog named Bud.
  • The Kents got the name "Shelby" from a dog that Martha had owned as a child.[1]