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Sheldon Mayer (b. April 1, 1917 – d.December 21, 1991) was a writer.

Professional History

Sheldon Mayer was one of the very first contributors to comics. He started his career drawing humorous strips for Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson in 1935, but soon left to work for M.C. Gaines at the McClure Syndicate. Mayer claimed that he was instrumental in getting Superman published, when he convinced Gaines to take the strip to Harry Donenfeld, who was looking for original material for Action Comics.

Mayer followed Gaines when he left the syndicate to found All-American Publications in 1939. There, he worked as a writer, artist and editor, and created the Justice Society of America along with writer Gardner Fox. He is most widely recognized as the creator of the humor feature Scribbly, as well as Sugar and Spike.

Work History