Shellcase was part of the team Seven Men of Death.

As part of this team, Shellcase was summoned to Gotham City to retrieve the Suit of Sorrows from the Order of Purity. During the attack, Shellcase was disarmed by Azrael, who used the Sword of Sin to slash Shellcase's hands, taking the guns away[1] and taking him out for the rest of the fight.[2] The police only managed to found Shellcase's severed hands as evidence in the crime scene.[3]

Some time later, a new Shellcase joined the group as the previous one couldn't use his hands anymore. The Seven were sent back to Gotham City to find and eliminate the reporter Vicki Vale, but they were confronted by several members of the Bat-Family. The new Shellcase was confronted by Batgirl and after a long struggle, he was defeated.[4]




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