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The Fog (real name Shelley Byron) is a member of the Sisterhood of Dada with the ability to turn into a fog that renders people unconscious for the purpose of absorbing their consciousness into her own.

Sisterhood of Dada

Due to the development of her fog powers, Shelley Byron was locked up by the Bureau of Normalcy, who classified her as "Not Weapon", taking her to work in the Ant Farm mailroom. In her time working as a prisoner there and being judged by the agents' criticisms, Shelley formed a friendship with the positive and invisible, Malcolm DuPont, the walking cyclone, Lloyd Jefferson, the quiet and gentle, Sachiko, and the cheerful sleepwalker, Holly McKenzie, with whom he could understand his pain and together they formed the Sisterhood of Dada, a group of individuals who loved art and hiding their home inside Shelley's mind, which began to be called "The Fog".[1]

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Making art with the Sisterhood

In their time of fun, the Sisterhood became secret friends with Laura De Mille, a metahuman Bureau worker who was the one who decided who would go to war and who wouldn't. In 1917, the Sisterhood recruited a time traveler from the future who remembered nothing, whom they nicknamed "Bendy" for her elastic powers and took her to their fun house, forming a great bond with Bendy, who showed them that they should defending themselves from ridicule, humiliating bureau agents, restructuring the Sisterhood's self-esteem with their new motto "Piffle Paffle." In addition to the other members of the Sisterhood, Shelley became more attached to Laura and Rita, considering them her best friends, having fun for several years until Laura stopped visiting them due to the beginning of World War II.[1][2][3]

Sisterhood of Dada Doom Patrol TV Series 001

Betrayed by a close friend

In 1949, some time after World War II, the Sisterhood vented their sorrows for not continuing to have fun, unlike Bendy and Malcolm, expressing their fury at the murder of so many people and evil in the world, so they were inspired to take carry out a global event that would improve the world called the Eternal Flagellation, a plan that the entire Sisterhood decided to carry out until they were visited by Laura, who betrayed them by taking the agents to the house. In tears over her friend's betrayal, Shelley and the Sisterhood were enlisted as weapons to serve the bureau, except for Malcolm, who was indirectly killed by Laura, and Bendy who managed to escape, leaving the Sisterhood behind, who spent the next few years suffering abuse and sent to wars to hurt innocents.[3][4]

Eternal Flagellation

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Meeting Jane

After several years participating in battles, in 2019, the Sisterhood was finally able to escape thanks to a break-out at the Ant Farm and reunited with Bendy, with whom they began their plans to begin the Eternal Flagellation and take revenge on Laura. Inside her candy store, Shelley received an unexpected visit of Jane, an aggressive and sarcastic girl with 64 different personalities, which she also envisioned inside her mind, keeping Jane and the young Kay Challis inside the store. When Jane became interested in joining the Sisterhood, Shelley asked her "Who are you, Jane?", although she refused his questions, listening to Shelley's criticism of her for not knowing herself unlike Kay, showing an romantic interest on Jane.

Shelley explained to Jane the suffering she went through under orders from the Bureau, which forced her to kill people and devour cities, which led her to create the store and accept the Eternal Flagellation, recognizing that she and Jane had things in common. The conversation was interrupted by Kay's personalities, which Shelley tried to make Jane see that she could get rid of them. Knowing that Jane and her friends were affiliated with Laura De Mille, Shelley put the group out of her mind, leaving a piece of candy for Jane.[4]

Sisterhood of Dada Doom Patrol TV Series 002

The beginning of the Eternal Flagellation

Over the next few days, the Sisterhood spread their message of the Flagellation throughout the world until the day finally arrived, carrying a giant cage with an enormous egg into the Doom Manor, transporting Laura and Jane's friends to admire the beginning. of the Flagellation. Out of Bendy's wrath, the Eternal Flagellation began when a giant bird in the shape of Malcolm released several Dada Birds, before Shelley and the Sisterhood disappeared as their plans came to fruition.[3]

Relationship with Jane

Shelley Byron Doom Patrol TV Series 004

Helping Jane

After the Eternal Flagellation ended with people redeeming themselves from their past, Shelley met again with Bendy, who continued seeking revenge against Laura even though she asked him to see the fruits of her experiment, although Bendy only cared about revenge. leaving the Sisterhood. With the Doom Bus destroyed, Shelley sent Jane, the blindfolded and quiet, Larry Trainor, and the former vigilante, Vic Stone, into her mind to try to help Jane, taking her and the rest of her personalities to her store, showing that They were all on the brink of death because Kay no longer needed them, which would put all the personas in The Underground at risk, which forced Jane to give her position as primary host to Doctor Harrison so that all the personas would band together and save Kay.[5]

After the group returned to the manor, Shelley flirted with Jane, stating that he wanted to see her after the Flagellation, sharing loving glances before disappearing into the fog, longing to see her again. Shelley decided to take her first step with Jane, transporting herself to a puzzle in her room, making her feel an orgasm to try to make her happy, leaving Jane surprised, who began to have a duel over whether to be with Shelley or evade her feelings for the well-being of Kay.[5][6]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 010

Mixed feelings

Finally, Shelley met Jane, glad that her message was reciprocated, sitting together at a table to talk and recognizing that they both thought a lot about themselves, listening to how Jane decided to start living for herself, surprising Shelley by knowing Kay liked the idea, but Jane didn't want to talk about the girl. In their intimate moment, Shelley and Jane almost share a kiss until due to her doubts, Jane was unable to do so, even though Shelley tried to encourage her to be worthy of love, promising to be with her, before Jane left her mind between tears.[7]


  • Transformation: Like her name indicates, Shelley can turn into a fog that renders people unconscious for the purpose of absorbing their consciousness into her own.
  • Energy Construct Creation: As seen during her meeting with Crazy Jane, Shelley was able to create and manifest psychic constructs within her mind. As seen where she created a sweet shop. Shelley was also responsible for creating the Sisterhood of Dada's own private club room.


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