Quote1.png This? This is the Bone Orchard. The Underlands of The Red, ya fool. And I'm the Shepherd. If yer really lost, and ya do seem so, I'll be the one to help ya on yer way. Quote2.png
The Shepherd src

Shepherd acted as a friend and guide to Buddy Baker and his daughter Maxine while they travelled through The Red.

He guided Buddy to meet the Totems of the Parliament of Limbs upon the human's first visit to the Red.[1] When Buddy and Swamp Thing inadvertently allowed the Rot to overtake the earth for a year, Shepherd remained behind in the last bastion of the Red's power, the Red Kingdom, while Buddy led a party against the Rot's forces.[2]

Though the battle with the Rot came to an end, it claimed the life of Buddy's son Cliff, and Maxine, who became obsessed with bringing him back to life, enlisted Shepherd's help in guiding her to Cliff's spirit.[3] Unfortunately, a coup against the Parliament of Limbs by a rogue totem and Brother Blood meant that their search could not continue.[4]



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