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Sheree Hatcher was a champion of Hecate and an enemy of Supergirl.

Sheree Hatcher was a lonely woman who was very beautiful in her youth. After experiencing cosmetics, plastic surgery and all that she could, she appealed to the supernatural. Using a spellbook, she performed a ritual in Central Park, which summoned Hecate, the legendary Greek goddess of the dark of the Moon. Hecate explained that Sheree could have beauty and youth for 100 years if she could take Supergirl's soul, and so she accepted. Supergirl, who was flying near, heard the deal between them and set off for the fight, at the same time Hecate took possession of Sheree's body and began to attack Supergirl with all kind of spells. After a long battle, Supergirl used her photographic memory to recall details about Greek mythology; She used a deer, a sacred animal for Hecate, to distract her, and then ignited magnesium with Heat Vision, causing a flash; Hecate, being vulnerable to light, abandoned Sheree's body, now turned into a withered hag.




  • As all animals are sacred to Hecate, especially deer, she could not risk hurting a deer.
  • Vulnerability to Light

  • This version of Hecate, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths event and later restored following the rebirth of the infinite Multiverse during the Dark Crisis of 2022-2023. Even though other versions of the character may have appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.



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