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Hawkgirl is a warrior from the planet Thanagar, married to the soldier Hawkman, who came to Earth to become a superhero.

Early Life

In 1942, decades before joining the Justice League, Shiera and Carter Hall, two people cursed to reincarnation, were engaged in archeological pursuits, searching a mine which supposedly housed the seal of Apophis, the Egyptian god of chaos.

Coincidentally, Shiera would fall into a pit leading to Apophis's seal, and she would be able to pry open the god's crypt room. While Carter was greatly disturbed by their findings and wished to leave the seal as is, Shiera was beckoned by the Lords of Chaos to take Apophis's helm and amulet.

Upon doing so, Shiera fell under their control and rampaged across the battlefield wehre the Second Battle of el Alamein was ongoing. She was eventually stopped when she regained enough control to lash out at nearby soldiers when Carter was caught in the crossfire. In this brief moment, the wounded Carter was able to finally remove the helm from his wife, allowing her to regain control of her body before he died in her arms.

Unfortunately, Sheira did not take Apophis's amulet with them, and it would be seized by Nazi officer, Dirk Strasser. Strasser would go on to use the amulet's power to possess Allied commanders and have troops march to posutions where they would be slaughtered by the Axis forces.[1]

On one occasion, however, the Justice Society intervened and saved the Boy Commandos before confronting their commander. Upon seeing a new target, Strasser quickly had the commander commit suicide before it could be linked to him and went to possess members of the Justice Society.

Johnny Thunder would be Strasser's victim, and Thunder's fall led to his genie, Yz to also fall into Nazi hands. Hawkgirl took part in the final battles against the Nazis and helped battle Yz alongside her teammates.

Upon finally finding Strasser, Strasser quickly taunts Hawkgirl by remarking that he was one of the soldiers that had shot her husband at Egypt. These comments, as well as the death of Johnny Thunder at Strasser's hands, ultimately enraged Hawkgirl, and she crushed Strasser's head with her mace.

Due to the power of the amulet and its indestructible nature, Green Lantern buried it in a safe under Challenger Deep.

Hawkgirl survived into present day and, having barely aged a day, was invited to join the newest superhero group the Justice League. She later married Katar Hol, a Thanagarian who was the reincarnation of Carter.

Year One

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Shiera was a member of the Justice League and assisted them when Superman's parents were kidnapped by Mirror Master. She was a member of the contingency sent to reason with Aquaman after he attacked a fishing vessel.

When Shiera attempted to kidnap a political official, she was shocked out of the sky by Black Lightning, then subdued by Huntress. For a while, her disappearance went unnoticed because of Martian Manhunter's transformation into her so that he could act as a spy for Batman and the Insurgency.

When Damian discovered this ruse and reported it to the Justice League, they revealed Bruce's identity to the world. Batman released the real Hawkgirl to the League subsequently.

Year Five

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Hawkgirl's Thanagarian husband Katar Hol came to Earth, hunting for his wife, furious that she had returned to the planet without his permission. Hawkgirl eventually defeated Hawkman in combat, telling him that she did not have to listen to him and threatened to kill him if he ever bothered her on Earth again.[2]

To her surprise, her husband returned, now backed by the Insurgency, and quickly attacked Superman with a Kryptonite mace. Due to Batman's team cutting power to the Hall of Justice, she and the other Regime members arrive late and are able to seize Katar's mace. Superman would go on to beat Hawkman to death in a 1-on-1 fist fight in retribution for the attack. While Wonder Woman attempted to console Hawkgirl, she paid no heed to her husband's death and prioritized the search for Batman's team as they were still planning something.

Fall of the Regime

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Hawkgirl and Damian return to Gotham when they receive reports that the Joker had somehow returned. She and Damian soon find their target alongside Harley Quinn and the Joker Underground and swiftly attack their target alongside the Regime's soldiers. Prior to their arrival, the Joker had taken one of the special 5-U-93-R Pill and had the strength and resilience to easily best both of them. With Batman's reinforcements beginning to arrive, Hawkgirl orders a retreat and pulls Damian back to report to Superman.

Following this, she is among those battling against the parallel heroes brought in by Batman in an attempt to stop Superman. She and Black Adam were initially pursuing the parallel Wonder Woman before she is surprisingly reinforced by Lex Luthor in his power suit. After taking out Black Adam, Luthor quickly downed Hawkgirl and attempted to take her Nth metal belt near the Hall of Justice. She is eventually defeated by Luthor.

Following the destruction of the Watchtower and the revelation of Luthor's treachery, Superman orders a task force, including Hawkgirl, to level Gotham and to finally deal with Batman and his parallel heroes. While the Regime has the advantage for the first portion of the battle, the tide changes when Batman brings in the alternate Superman, who helps defeat the task force.

It is unknown what truly happens to her since she doesn't appear when the parallel Superman arrived, and she is not seen amongst the captured heroes and villains that served the Regime, but it can be assumed that she was captured alongside the rest of the forces at Gotham.

Possible Post-Regime Epilogue

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This section of history takes place in a timeline outside that of normal Injustice canon.
Upon beating "Classic" mode in Injustice: Gods Among Us or "Multiverse" mode in Injustice 2 with any playable fighter, the player would receive a possible alternate ending to the game's story featuring their fighter. These alternate histories should not be seen as relevant to future sequels or comic adaptations.
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Free of his brainwashing, Hawkgirl exacted revenge on the High Councilor for murdering her husband Hawkman. She was nevertheless sent to prison for her role in the Regime. One night, she awoke hovering above her cot glowing with eldritch light.

An instant later, she stood at the bottom of a shallow crater. There she found the source of the light: a meteorite of pure Nth Metal. As she touched it, the meteorite sprung to life, encasing her in Nth Metal. The new armor made Hawkgirl invincible. Her first act: vengeance against those who had helped Superman capture Hawkman.






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