Shifter was one of the members of the Ultimen superhero team created by Project Cadmus and financed by Maxwell Lord as an alternative to the Justice League.

She and her fellow members were given false memories to help them properly acclimate with the general public; in Shifter's case, she is the twin sister of her fellow teammate Downpour. However, the scientists behind the creation of the Ultimen noticed that all its members are undergoing cellular atrophy, with complete metabolic failure only a matter of time. Wind Dragon and his team members discovered the truth for themselves and decided to destroy the building; however, Long Shadow had earlier befriended the Justice League and brought in some of its prominent members to help the Ultimen find a solution to their deterioration. Unfortunately, Wind Dragon decided that they should fight the Justice League in order to make a name for themselves. Long Shadow bravely stood against his team members and helped the Justice League bring them into custody with Project Cadmus.[1]

Some time later, when Lex Luthor hijacked control of the Justice League Watchtower's fusion generator cannon to strike at Project Cadmus, clones of Ultimen which included copies of Shifter were sent to penetrate the satellite and attack the Justice League.


  • Metamorphosis: Shifter can transform herself into any animal being that she can imagine.[1]




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