Shim'tar is a title given to the champion of the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall. She is at the direct command of the queen of the tribe, and wears a special armor that conceals her face.

There've been many unnamed Amazons who bear the title, including one who was pitted against Wonder Woman during her first visit to Bana-Mighdall. During War of the Gods, Circe manipulated and mind controlled Hippolyta to briefly assume the title. Another was Akila, a woman who favored scholarship over battle. When she was briefly incapacitated during the civil war between the two tribes of Amazons, the former Wonder Woman Artemis briefly assumed the title.

Shim'Tar was created by George Pérez and Chris Marrinan, and first appeared in Wonder Woman (Volume 2) #33 (1989).

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