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Shim'Tar is the title for chief and most elite warrior of the Lost Tribe of Amazons, the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall, and their equivalent to Wonder Woman.

Like Wonder Woman, the Shim'Tar is chosen through a rite of combat known as the Tournament of the Crown.

1st Incarnation

The Shim'Tar first appeared when she came to blows with Wonder Woman when she was seeking her stolen magic lasso in Egypt and encountered the Bana-Mighdall. When the dissident Amazon Faruka assassinated the Queen of the Bana-Mighdall, Nehebka, she chose a powerful Amazon as the Shim'Tar to battle and kill Wonder Woman, who managed to defeat the warrior after being nearly pummeled to death. The Shim'Tar disappeared when Bana-Mighdall crumbled after being attacked by the Egyptian military and Hermes while rescuing Wonder Woman.

2nd Incarnation

During the War of the Gods, Circe transformed Hippolyta into the new Shim'Tar to fight Diana, but Hippolyta managed to break free from the spell which turned her into the Shim'Tar thanks to Diana influence.

3rd Incarnation

Years after the Bana-Mighdallian Amazons moved to the far side of Paradise Island, a young Amazon named Akila, who had been sent to receive an education in Man's World, assumed the mantle of the new Shim'Tar. Akila designed a new battle suit for her moniker combining aspects of technology and magic. Akila joined forces with Wonder Woman and Artemis to battle a hordes of apes led by the gorilla queen Abu-Gita, but chose to give the title and her armor to Artemis after being injured in the upcoming Amazon Civil War.

4th Incarnation

After the current Shim'Tar was felled, Artemis took up the title of her tribe's chief warrior in the hopes of ending the Amazon civil war and to guide both tribes to peaceful negotiations. As Shim'Tar, Artemis battled Queen Hippolyta, who was acting as the newest Wonder Woman. During their battle, Artemis reminded Hippolyta that the Themyscirian queen was not given the armor of Wonder Woman out of honor, but rather as a punishment for causing the death of not only Artemis but of her daughter Diana as well. Ultimately coming to her senses, Hippolyta finally forgave the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall for their previous transgressions in light of her own and joined her daughter Diana on the battlefield. Together Queen Hippolyta and Princess Diana renounced their crowns and royal statuses, leaving the island without a structured government in the hopes of ending the needless slaughter brought on by the war. They were successful and Artemis and the Themyscirian General Phillipus were later voted to be co-rulers of the island, with Artemis remaining as the Shim'Tar of all Amazons.



  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): She was skilled in armed and unarmed combat and proficient with traditional Greek hand to hand weaponry such as sharpened edge shield sword and slings. Being the most elite of the Bana-Mighdall, the Shim'Tar is much stronger than the conventional Amazon.



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