"Shipwreck" Roberts ran a small diving and salvage operation, in the early 1940s, in Charleston, South Carolina.

In 1940, in Charleston, South Carolina, "Shipwreck Roberts" owned a bright red "Depthosphere" submarine, with automobile-style viewing windows, which he used for deep-sea salvage and research. His sole employee was his assistant, "Deep Sea" Doodle, also a diver and submariner.

More than once Shipwreck Roberts was called upon by the U.S. Intelligence Department to assist them in resolving some critical maritime problems, some caused by a domestic supervillain, and later ones caused by enemy navies.

Shipwreck Roberts' most notable enemy was a mad scientist turned pirate turned warlord, calling himself "Doctor Drown." This villain did not spend time on threats or demands; he simply sank oceangoing ships and looted their sunken hulls. Drown also commanded several gigantic monsters, of at least three unknown species, plus at least one robotic submarine dinosaur, and a small crew of seagoing thugs.



  • Diving Suit: Roberts' diving suits have transparent helmets. Roberts and Doodle are able to converse while working at great depths.


  • Depthoscope: super submarine


  • Electric Sizzler Torch
  • Protectogun



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