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Quote1.png Us girls can handle ourselves just fine - an' we don't need help from you - or any other man! Wait. What'd I just say? Quote2.png
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Green Lantern was a member of the Justice League 3000.


In the 31st Century, the Wonder Twins (Teri and Terry) cloned the original Justice League members[1] Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern.

However, after a slew of battles Hal discovered that each use of the green energy sapped away at his life force. Firestorm, the new head of Cadmus, then cloned Guy Gardner but placed his DNA into a female host body thereby switching his gender.




  • Split Personality: The cloning process was imperfect, and the original personality has begun to assert itself. At times, Shiryalla's personality completely takes over, subsuming Guy's.



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