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Shiv is the name of several characters from the DC Universe.

The first Shiv was a member of the Suicide Squad during World War II. He participated in a mission to Jotunheim in Qurac. Shiv was created by John Ostrander and Grant Miehm, first appearing in Suicide Squad #26 (1989).

The second Shiv was a shape shifting enemy of Argus. Shiv was created by Mark Wheatley, Allan Gross, and Phil Hester, first appearing in Argus #1 (1995).

The third Shiv is Cindy Burman, the daughter of the supervillain and war criminal Dragon King, and an enemy of Stargirl. Shiv was created by Geoff Johns and Lee Moder, first appearing in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #1. (1999)

The fourth Shiv was a Bang Baby and an enemy of Static, who could create weapons of light energy from his hands. He was a also a member of the Meta-Breed. Shiv was created by Christopher Simmons and Denys Cowan, first appearing in the Static Shock episode The Breed (2000). His first appearance in the comics regular continuity was in Static: Season One #5. (2022)