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Each chapter is usually no longer than one paragraph.

Quote1.png ahh, It ain't too bad. Little wordy fer my tastes, but th' plots is good! Quote2.png

Short and Snappy Tales of Death is a book that collects an assortment of morbid anecdotes.


Each chapter is usually no longer than one paragraph.

Lobo carried a copy with him for moments of downtime. Its perfunctory prose and sombre subject matter was suited to a man of his ilk.

Chapter 1
Weird Tale From a Goldmine
The Gazza mine was the richest ever discovered - and it all began with one man. He, with 17 close relatives and almost 4,000 employees, perished in a nuclear-blast caused by an embittered acrobat.
The End.[1]
Chapter 2
Ah Feel Like Ahcid
25 years ago, Don van Vlon invented an acid so strong it could eat through anything. To date, more than a billion Abbazabbans have died and half their planet dissolved as scientists desperately seek an antidote.
The End.[2]
Chapter 3
Too Much to Dream Last Night
Chemical crazy Ozzy Ozzy released just 13 grams of his patented micro-hallucinogenic, Bummer-25, into the air at the interplanetary witches' sabbat. The unexpected maelstrom between dimensions which resulted has so far sucked in more than 13 hundred thousand qualified practitioners of the so-called black arts.
The End.[3]
Chapter 4
Eve of Destruction
The Eastern World, it is exploding... BOOM!.
The End.[4]
Chapter 5
All Along the Watchtower
All along the watchtower, giant pits containing flesh-eating centipedes have been set up to catch unwary travellers. More than a million have died in the past year alone.
The End.[5]

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