Collection of stories published in the first eighteen issues of Ghosts (Volume 1), including stories originally published in three other DC Comics horror anthology comics but excluding the text stories. All stories in this collection were originally published from 1951 to 1973.


"There are two versions of Volume 1: In the original edition, "Death Held the Lantern High" is on pages 468 to 473 (missing last page of story). Then "The Specters Were The Stars" runs from pages 474 to 481, then you got "Phantoms of the Flash!" on page 482 and "The Devil's Ouija" starting on page 483.

In the corrected edition, released February 8, 2012, you get "Death Held the Lantern High" on pages 468 to 474 (last page of story included). Then "The Specters Were The Stars" on pages 475 to 482, followed by "The Devil's Ouija" starting on page 483."

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