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Showcase was a "try-out" book that enabled creators to test the waters with new characters and concepts. Many of these characters later went on to star in their own titles, but still many others were left behind. Showcase introduced characters and teams such as Atom, Flash, Green Lantern, the Metal Men, the Sea Devils, the Challengers of the Unknown, Bat Lash and Hawk & Dove.

The title was canceled with #93 in 1970, and revived with #94 in 1977. When it was canceled for good with #104 in 1978, three issues (105-107) were already completed. They were eventually published in Cancelled Comic Cavalcade (Volume 1).

A three-issue story based on Krypton was also completed for Showcase, but then it was decided to delay the story until after the Superman movie was released. By the time that happened Showcase was canceled, so the story was published as World of Krypton (Volume 1), the first comic book miniseries.