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"Teen Titans: "The Return of the Teen Titans"": The Flips are a new teenage rock 'n' roll trio that has taken the country by storm, each with their very own gimmick: Jack with his tricked out motorcycle, Joe with his special surfboard, and Jill wi

Showcase #59 is an issue of the series Showcase (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1965.

Synopsis for Teen Titans: "The Return of the Teen Titans"

The Flips are a new teenage rock 'n' roll trio that has taken the country by storm, each with their very own gimmick: Jack with his tricked out motorcycle, Joe with his special surfboard, and Jill with her baton. They have generated a legion of fans, including the individual members of the Teen Titans. The teenagers of the town of Clarkston are excited about a coming Flips show, however the anticipation for the show is marred when the Flips apparently robs a jewelry store that night after a gig in another town. In spite of police intervention, the Flips appear to get away with the crime.

Later, the Flips are brought to the police station where they deny that they had anything to do with the robbery. When they explain where they were, the Flips tell how their driver went a strange way to their hotel, however when the Flips questioned the driver about it he suddenly got out of the car and ran off into the woods, naturally the police pan the story and they are put on bail.

The kids of Clarkstown are upset when the mayor decides that he doesn't want criminals to be performing in their town, even if the concert is to benefit an underprivileged teenager's college tuition. Feeling that the Flips were framed, the kids contact the Teen Titans to investigate. The Titans meet with the mayor of Clarkstown and promise that while the Flips are in town playing they will insure that no crime happen. In spite of their best efforts to prevent the Flips from leaving their hotel room and keeping them away from their gimmicked props, it appears as though the Flips some how break free and steal back their devices and use them to cause havoc across town.

The Teen Titans fail to stop the Flips from robbing a bank, however they still give them chase across town. Each time they are about to catch a member of the Flips, the Titans are tripped up. Finally, they manage to knock out Jack and Jill however Joe manages to escape with the loot. Wonder Girl finds the unconscious Jack and Jill and unmasks them revealing that they truly are the members of the Flips, and not impostors. Taking them to the Clarkson police station, the two Flip members revive and have no memory of what happened, shortly after Joe arrives equally unable to remember what happened. The furious mayor however, orders the concert cancelled and the Flips to be arrested. The Flips plea the Teen Titans to help clear their names.

After some consideration, it suddenly revealed that "new evidence" has been found making the Flips innocent and that they would be putting on a concert. Just before the show, a bunch of impostors arrive in the Flips dressing room to take their places, however when they steal the receipts from the show, they find that their devices have all been tampered with and they are easily defeated by Robin. Robin unmasks them as criminals posing as members of the Flips, and then reveals that the "Flips" they really took prisoner were members of the Titans in disguise, the real Flips were really in a jail cell, proving their innocence.

With the crooks defeated, the Flips put on their show and both they and the Titans are praised by the teenagers of Clarkstown.

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  • Mera
  • Queen Hippolyta
  • Judy (Single appearance)
  • Mayor Turner (Single appearance)
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