Quote1 Hello, hello, hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I am the Showman, and as the name implies, I am here to put on a show! Quote2
The Showman src
The Showman was a superpowered Internet troll with the ability to manipulate emotions through social media and in public.

Following Sideways' debut livestream, the Showman tracked the hero to his high school, sowing discord and riling up the anger and irritability of the student body. Intent on humiliating him, the Showman goaded Sideways to show himself after threatening to create a riot. The two fought, with the Showman taking an early upper hand from the increased strength he received from the negativity infecting the students. With aid from his friends, however, Sideways was able to claim victory after moving the duel to the middle of a desert, preventing the Showman from powering up from the emotions of onlookers.[1]


  • Empathy[1]
    • Pathokinesis: The Showman can enflame negative emotions in others through his speech and online presence.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: The Showman can draw upon the negativity he incited in others to power himself up, becoming even stronger than Sideways.[1]




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