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Shrike is a name that has been used by several characters in the DC Universe, both heroes and villains.

The original was Toron Tos, royalty on the planet Mizar who fought and then befriended Hawkman. Hawkman later met another villain named Queen Shrike, an ancient Egyptian with bird-like features.

Vanessa Kingsbury used this alias as a member of the supervillain group Cadre. Kingsbury died on the Suicide Squad, and her successor in Cadre was Starshrike.

The League of Assassins enlisted a martial artist named Shrike, who set up operations in Gotham City. This Shrike had a successor named Boone, his top student at the Vengeance Academy. Boone would go on to become an enemy to Nightwing. Dennis Ennis later used this alias as a villain in England, until Knight and Squire helped him reform.

Shrike was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson, first appearing in Hawkman #11. (1966)