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Shvaughn Erin was the first Science Police liaison officer to the Legionnaires in the 30th Century.

In this position, she became an ally to the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Shvaughn has also been romantically involved with the hero Element Lad. It was later revealed that Shvaughn's biological sex is male, and that for years he — Sean Erin — has been taking a medication known as Profem to give her a female body. During a war in which the Earth was invaded by the Dominators, Sean was unable to maintain constant access to Profem. Jan was completely supportive when Sean physically reverted to his original male sex, saying: "Anything we ever shared physically... it was in spite of the Profem, not because of it...!"[1]

Ultimately the Dominators are defeated, and Sean is appointed chief of the Science Police contingent on New Earth, continuing to not take profem.[2]

  • Sean comes from a world where it's strongly implied same-sex relations are outlawed.
  • Shvaughn/Sean is one of the first DC characters to deal with gender issues and sex change.



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