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Shvaughn Erin was the first Science Police liaison officer to the Legionnaires in the 30th Century.

In her position as the Science Police's liaison officer, she became an ally to the Legion of Super-Heroes. Shvaughn was also romantically involved with the hero Element Lad.


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Legion of Super-Heroes continuity note:
Following the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1986, the original Legion ran consistently until End of an Era. Zero Hour discontinued these stories and introduced the Reboot Legion in 1994. They would return to continuity following Infinite Crisis in 2006 in a divergent timeline splitting after the first Crisis, rendering all interregnum stories non-canon.

|} It was later revealed that Shvaughn's biological sex is male, and that for years she — "Sean Erin" — has been taking a medication known as Profem to give her a female body as she wasn't comfortable with her gender. During a war in which the Earth was invaded by the Dominators, "Sean" was unable to maintain constant access to Profem. Jan was completely supportive when Shvaughn physically reverted to her original male sex, saying: "Anything we ever shared physically... it was in spite of the Profem, not because of it...!"

Unable to cope with the mental trauma, Sean rushed outside, telling Jan he needed to deal with it on his own and personally wished he needed him. As he felt sick, he met the Batch SW6 Element Lad who tried getting a doctor. Sean stated he felt Jan needed emotional support, but always found a way to get through life on his own. As he left after recovering, he told the SW6 Jan to be gentle to the young dumb girls in love with him.[1]

Ultimately the Dominators were defeated, and Shvaughn was appointed chief of the Science Police contingent on New Earth, continuing to not take profem. The Batch SW6 Jan met him again, when his Batch SW6 Legion of Super-Heroes expressed willingness to work with New Earth's authorities. Sean thanked him for being part of his old life, stating he had accepted his new one.[2] He later tried interrogating Mano, who had been caught by the Batch SW6 Legionnaires, in order to know who was funding him, and sent him to prison after he refused to confess.[3]

When the real Jan had a near-death experience after stopping the Trommites allied with Mordru, he regretted how Sean had always wanted to be with him, but he wanted to be alone. He bid him a final goodbye in his mental image and Sean felt something was wrong. Rushing to his bedside at the hospital, he pleaded with him to get up. Jan wished to die, but the ghosts of his family and friends encouraged him to live on by sharing his burdens with others. As he regained consciousness, he aksed Sean to stay with him.[4]


  • Shvaughn comes from a world where it's strongly implied same-sex relations are outlawed, while people are expected to behave according to their genders.[1]
  • Shvaughn/Sean is one of the first DC characters to deal with gender issues and sex change. Her gender dysphoria was made non-canon after Infinite Crisis.