Sid Greene (b. June 18, 1906 – d.October 1972) was a writer.

Professional History

Sid Greene was a professional comic book artist, best known for his inking works. Greene started working in comic books during the 40's, in the so called "Golden Age" for various publishers including Timely Comics, the predecesor of Marvel Comics. However, he became a prominent figure in the industry during the 60's, when he started working for DC Comics. After working on romance stories and space adventures along with Gardner Fox, Greene started working with Gil Kane on the Atom title and his work caught the attention of editor Julius Schwartz, who assigned Greene to ink the back-up stories of Elongated Man in Detective Comics, pencilled by Carmine Infantino. Later, Greene also started working on the Justice League of America and Batman titles, becoming one of the few artist to have worked on several super-hero comic books in that time. In the late 60's, he worked again for Marvel on lesser known titles.

Greene worked for DC Comics until 1969 on various titles including Our Army at War, The Witching Hour and House of Secrets. His contributions to these titles are his last recorded works in the comic book industry.

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