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Quote1.png They called him Sid the Squid, a luckless lowlife who seemed to have his tentacles in everything. Quote2.png
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Sidney Debris was a naive and bumbling man who tried to make it big in the Gotham underworld.

He used the small connection he had - crook Eddie G. - to get in on a drug smuggling operation, but Eddie only let him tag along as "bait for the Bat". Batman surprised Sidney, and in the ensuing "fight" he tripped and fell of the rooftop. When Batman tried to catch him, he was seemingly caught in the explosion of a propane tank. Sidney survived, dazed, with Batman's cowl in his hands. The other thugs quickly hailed him as "The Man Who Killed Batman", and his reputation grew around the tale.

Someone who did not like that one bit was the Joker. Harley, posing as a lawyer, busted him out of jail (where he had been thrown in because of a bar brawl). But rather than hail Sidney as a hero, Joker planned to kill Sidney by submersing him in chemicals at the Ace Chemical Processing Plant. As through a fluke, however, the coffin in which Sidney was trapped survived, and washed up on the shore of the Gotham River. From there, he went straight to Boss Thorne, who ran the drug rackets, hoping to get out of town. Sidney related his misadventures to him. But again, Sidney was not met with the response he desired. Thorne believed him to be a liar - he thought he was a genius posing as a bumbler so that he could take over the drug rackets. When Thorne pulled a gun on him, Batman intervened.

Batman explained to Sidney that he had managed to escape the blast, and had saved Sidney from the chemical plant. Sidney went to jail, where he found he was quite popular - not for killing Batman, but for making a fool of Joker and Thorne.

Years later when the new Robin Jason Todd had run away and struck out on his own, Batman tracked Sidney down since he had connections in the underworld. He hung him upside down with his Batrope from a building and interrogated him about where Jason was. Sidney swore that he didn't know, but had heard rumors that the Joker was his next target.[1]


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