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Sixpack was an ever drunk friend of Tommy Monaghan.

Sixpack was a regular at Noonan's Bar, where he was known for telling tall tales about heroic battles with supervillains while wearing a piss-stained homemade costume. He occasionally tried to help Tommy whenever he could, but usually was not very helpful. He was the leader of Section Eight. Sixpack led his team on a few missions. However his team was not very effective. During his battle against The Many Angled Ones, the majority of his team was killed. Sixpack's powers manifest and he sacrifices himself to save the world. He was presumed dead/missing, in reality he survived. Sid went to Alcohol Anonymous meetings and appeared to not recall being a superhero.


  • Reality Alteration: Although Sixpack normally shows no visible sign of having powers, when he faced off against the Many Angled Ones, he seemingly protected himself in a forcefield. Although he seemed unaware of how he was doing this, the Many Angled Ones sensed a great power within Sixpack, which could be reality altering abilities, since they exhibited reality altering powers too. After his encounter with the Many Angled Ones, he is sober and seems to not remember being Sixpack.


  • High tolerance for alcohol


  • Sobriety: When Sixpack is not drunk he becomes more coherent and may doubt himself when he is confronted with the harsh realities of his existence. As he is a drunk with no real job and his actions often don't change the world.


  • Often a broken beer bottle