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Siegfried Horatio Hunch III was a benignly deranged little man from Queens, New York who dressed in a homemade costume and performed deeds like unclogging drains and watching out for local children.

Viewed as a kook by his neighbors, he saved a child from being hit by a truck, earning him some respect and notoriety, not to mention a steady stream of appreciation and food from the child's mother.

Hunch was a millionaire, having won first place in a magazine subscription company's sweepstakes. After winning the prize, he felt obligated to subscribe to all of the company's magazines. As a result, he received a staggering load of publications daily. He did not keep his wealth a secret per se, he simply neglected to mention it, and did not live an opulent lifestyle; his friends were largely unaware of his financial success.

Justice League of Anarchy

'Mazing Man became part of the extremely short-lived Justice League of Anarchy, consisting of himself, Ambush Bug, The Creeper, Harley Quinn, and The Trickster.


  • Utility Belt: 'Mazing Man wore a utility belt packed with seemingly useless materials such as band-aids, trash bags, electrical tape, safety pins, hooks, bottle openers and tissues.

  • The original 'Mazing Man series, although highly acclaimed, was short lived. However, Frank Miller, who admired the series himself, contributed a cover with the lead characters of the extremely popular mini-series, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns for the last issue. The resulting exposure created enough interest for several one-shot specials.
  • A back-up feature, Zoot Sputnik, appeared for several issues, drawn by Fred Hembeck and (ostensibly) written by Denton Fixx; it was supposed to be the book Fixx wrote for BC comics (an obvious pastiche of DC Comics). It was a parody of the Golden age narrative style where stories had no between-issue continuity. Zoot and his team were space adventurers in one issue and cowboys in the next. The team's dog received a shock of energy, and gained the ability to remember their disparate adventures. This was Denton's attempt to introduce continuity to the book, though it was met with disapproval by his editor.
  • 'Mazing Man was originally going to call himself Wonderful Man, but the poorly fastened "W" ornamentation on his helmet inverted itself, making it resemble the letter "M".
  • Before deciding on 'Mazing Man, Horatio considered calling himself Marvelman, Miracle Man, Mighty Man and Muscleman.
  • 'Mazing Man tends to sing Simon and Garfunkel songs when struck on the head.
  • 'Mazing Man is one of a handful of DC titles to publish an issue not featuring the Comics Code Authority stamp of approval. In one issue titled "Writer's Block", Denton is stuck for a story, and all his friends give their ideas. One of them dealt with an army of zombies. Although there was no gore or violence, any mention of the Living Dead (specifically the use of the word "zombie") is forbidden by the Comics Code. The issue was released without the stamp, with no publicity, positive or negative.



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