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Quote1 I am Sigurd of Asgard, slayer of the dragon Fafnir... And I serve my own heart! Quote2
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Sigurðr, also known as Siegfried, was a warrior who slew the dragon Fafnir and was admitted into Valhalla upon his death as one of the Slain Warriors.[3]

Gram, the magical sword Siegfried used to slew the dragon Fafnir, was forged by the dwarven. Upon death in combat, he became one of the einherjar in Valhalla, the Norse afterlife in Asgard. When he first met Wonder Woman in the afterlife, he gifted her with Gram so that she would have better chances in the eternal battles of the einherjar.[3][4]

Siegfried later returned from the dead through dark magic as the mysterious Shining Knight, being manipulated by Dr. Psycho to fight Wonder Woman. However, Siegfried has his memories and sanity restored when he faces Diana wielding his own sword, which she returns to him.[2] So he moved into Steve Trevor's apartment in Washington, D.C. and became a member of the Checkmate organization, working with Diana, Steve and Etta Candy.


  • Animal Empathy: Siegfried can talk to birds.[5]
  • Invulnerability: Siegfried was invulnerable during his original lifetime, leaving the power behind with his body after death.[3] He regained it when he returned to the land of the living.[6]
  • Flight (Possibly Formerly): While under his guise as the 'Shining Knight' Siegfried could fly under his own power.[2]
  • Resurrection (Formerly): Like all Slain Warriors in Valhalla's hall, Siegfried resurrected every time he was killed.
    • Immortality (Formerly): As his death was never permanent in the afterlife because he resided in Valhalla, he was called an "immortal hero".[1]





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